Street Lights

Twilight Designs can install your street light project from the ground up as specified or we can advise you on the best retrofit solutions for existing projects.  Most street lighting projects start with a home builder during new construction in collaboration with the architect, lighting designer and electrical engineer and are later handed off the Homeowner Association to maintain that system.  The contractor that originally installed the lighting system is rarely the same company that maintains the system for the HOA and lighting maintenance companies change regularly.  Even if a system is well designed, a proper maintenance plan is rarely implemented from the beginning and HOAs often struggle to properly maintain their street lighting as time goes on.  Twilight Designs understands what is required to both install and maintain these systems.

When designing a street lighting system it is important to be familiar with the latest technology and also to be familiar with environment in which the system will operate.  How people will use the area will also drive the overall layout and design.  Pedestrians, motorists, cyclists and residents will all have different needs and desires to make them safe and comfortable. Color temperature, brightness, and fixtures aesthetics should also be considered.  Providing proper lighting for those who use the roadway while minimizing light trespass for surrounding residences should be prioritized.

Providing proper as-builts, materials lists, maintenance schedules, numbering poles and mapping locations are all steps that are often overlooked but essential for the long term health of your street lighting project. Twilight Designs understands the importance of street lighting from the construction phase through the long term maintenance phase and can be your partner throughout or at any point along the way.

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