Park Lighting

New Construction Park Projects

From small community parks and playgrounds to large scale parks with sports field lighting, 0-10v dimming, sport court warning light systems, and more Twilight Designs can manage and install the electrical for any size park project.  From Large parks with sports field lighting up to 80’ tall, score boards and sound systems to smaller community parks on a budget looking for solutions to keep their residents safe while not interfering with surrounding homes, the lighting and electrical requirements for parks can vary greatly and the team at Twilight Designs can help.

Existing Park Projects

Twilight Designs can help with the lighting and electrical needs of older and existing park projects as well.  Often times the cost of not maintaining the lighting and electrical infrastructure of an existing park is overlooked with many communities changing bulbs as they burn out without taking the time to assess the cost of operating older, inefficient HID and incandescent fixtures.  It’s not just that LEDs are up to 80% more efficient than other light sources, it’s the ongoing regular maintenance that is required with conventional light sources that often outweighs even the operating expenses.  Existing parks can also benefit from having their electrical systems inspected.  Light poles can often rust out at their bases if constantly exposed to irrigation water.  In most parks we go to, it’s evident that handymen, landscapers, residents and holiday lighting companies have made modifications to various electrical components that often go unnoticed, leaving latches broken, covers off, wires exposed and other factors that can be a danger and a liability.  Twilight Designs can help assess the condition of your park electrical systems and make suggestions for improvements.

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