HOA Lighting

Every homeowners association in Las Vegas has a need for a qualified electrician to help them maintain the lighting and power needs of their community. From regular maintenance, repairs, LED retrofits, monument lighting and other lighting and electrical add-ons, Twilight Designs can handle all of your HOA lighting needs.

Regular Maintenance, Retrofits & Repairs:

All of the electrical components throughout a community will inevitably require some regular maintenance and it is important to hire an electrician that does quality work and also that knows what lamp wattages, color temperatures, and retrofit types are best for a given fixture now that traditional incandescent, halogen and metal halide fixture types are becoming more and more antiquated and inefficient.

Monument Lighting and Lighting Add-ons:

Many communities are simply poorly lit for various reasons. Sometimes lighting did not take priority for a builder from the start or perhaps the existing lighting system was sub-par and inconsistent or misguided maintenance over the years has diminished the viability and look of the system. It’s important that the electrician helping your HOA make lighting add-on decisions has a qualified lighting designer they work who help navigate how to best illuminate your community.

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