LED Retrofits & Improvements

LEDs have come a long way since they first came on scene as an alternative to halogen and incandescent light sources.  In some ways it was thought that LEDs would simplify lighting in our life, no more changing lightbulbs, lower power bills, etc. The truth is though that they’ve given us a lot more to consider and just as easy as they can make lighting in our lives better they can also complicate things.  In the days of the popular halogen lightbulb, the halogen gas and filament would produce a warm white 3000k color temperature.  Nowadays color temperatures can range from 2200k to 6000k in the same lightbulb style and a 3000k Sylvania brand lightbulb can look different than a 3000k Philips branded bulb making it important to match manufacturers when retrofitting adjacent fixture.

From color temperatures, dimmer compatibility, brand reliability or just making sure a retrofit fits properly, Twilight Designs can simplify the process of retrofitting your home or business and will make sure that your homes lighting has the warm or functional feel you desire or that the products you sell look vibrant and are properly illuminated.

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