Security Lighting

Twilight Designs was founded on the principles of outdoor lighting design and we have over 18 years of experience helping clients make their homes and businesses safer and more secure with lighting.  Security lighting must accomplish a number of goals:

· Create a sense a safety, highlighting trip hazards and illuminating potential entry points.

· Establish a pattern of occupancy making your home or business look cared for and frequented

· Allow you to recognize facial features and identify potential threats from a reasonable distance.

· Make everyday tasks easier such as taking the garbage out, illuminating steps or checking the mail or finding your keys at the door.

In addition to these essentials, we believe that as much as possible lighting should enhance the beauty of your home or business.  Simple design elements such as fixture selection and placement, using glare shields and proper lumen outputs and color temperatures can help ensure that your lighting system is a deterrent to would-be criminals but that your property remains as beautiful at night as it is during the day.

If you are looking a single flood light or motion sensing spotlight or for full perimeter lighting with dimming and smart controls, Twilight Designs can put together a design that fits your needs and budget.

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