Sport Court Lighting

Designing a sport court lighting system can vary greatly between the needs for a court lighting for bocce ball, basketball, volleyball, shuffleboard, tennis, pickleball, horseshoes and other types of sport court.  The lighting needs of these various courts as well as the lighting needs for a backyard court vs. a park setting or a professional court television broadcasting can vary greatly.  Twilight Designs can help you decide on a lighting plan that illuminates your sport court  while considering your individual needs and limitations of each type of sport court setting.

A well designed sport court lighting system is a balance between the various sport court dimensions, recommended foot candles at the playing level, allowable pole height and fixture beam spreads and photometrics.  Twilight Designs can help you navigate through your individual needs to ensure that you get the most enjoyment from your sport court.  Twilight Designs can design a lighting plan that considers these individual factors and more.  Residential sport courts may need to be more conscience of glare, especially as it pertains to surrounding neighbors. Twilight Designs can design a lighting plan that considers these individual factors and more. Home owners associations may have restrictions on light pole heights and operating hours.  Community parks may have needs for countdown timers, warning lights, dimmers and more. Twilight Designs can even illuminate larger baseball and basketball fields with poles up to 80’ in height while integrating camera systems and Wi-Fi controllers.

Twilight Designs has designed and installed sport court lighting for residential and commercial settings and can help walk you through a design that will help you maximize the use and enjoyment of your own sport court setting.

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