Pool & Spa Electrical

It goes without saying that the lighting and electrical systems around your pool and spa are some of most important to make sure are done right as everyone know that water and electricity don’t mix.  From new construction pool and spa electrical to add-on spa disconnects and wiring we can help make sure you can enjoy your pool or spa while resting assured that your friends and family are safe.

Twilight Designs has been specializing on backyard electrical work for over 7 years and our 18 years of outdoor lighting design experience makes us uniquely qualified to make sure that the electrical infrastructure you don’t see is safe but that the lighting you do see looks amazing.  Pool contractors often place underwater lights in locations that they can be seen shining back at your creating glare that detracts from the beauty of your backyard.  Sheer descents and waterfalls typically end up being the focal point of a backyard landscape and can be a challenge to illuminate after being constructed, Twilight Designs can make sure these items are not overlooked.

For pool builders and designers who work with Twilight Designs, we can meet with your prospective clients and assess their needs and vision for your backyard and give them the confidence that your team of trades working with you to build their pool has the same eye for design and attention to detail that you do.

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