South Beach Apartments

Project Description

The South Beach Apartments is a luxury apartment complex located near Russell Road and the 215 on the southwest side of town.  

Twilight Designs was brought in during the construction of the property to address some areas which needed additional lighting not included within the construction drawings.  Those areas included perimeter lighting for the pool deck, mood lighting at the meditation garden, signage lighting, down lighting at BBQs and games tables, RGB soffit lighting. string lighting, landscape lighting and more.  

A combination of low voltage and line voltage lighting solutions were used to achieve the desired results, using line voltage lighting when possible or when required but also using low voltage lighting for custom solutions or when line voltage wiring would not be possible.  From our electrical know-how to our lighting design expertise, Twilight Designs can design and implement solutions for your next electrical and lighting project.

Project Details

  • Client:

    South Beach Apartments

  • Completion Date:


  • Project Size:

    3350 Square Feet

  • Location:

    Las Vegas

  • Contract Value:


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